New York City Babymoon

It really was a spur of the moment trip to New York City the first week of the New Year. Nathan and I had been working ourselves to death and dreamed of getting away to the beach or somewhere with a lot of sun and warm weather. We kept looking and dreaming about Miami, but the price tag for just a few days was way more than we wanted to spend. So, in true Kempter fashion, a spontaneous decision to fly to New York City was made. It wasn’t the warm weather we were hoping for, but it was a perfect little trip. We had all the food you can think of, a hotel that gave us milk and warm cookies every night, and a relaxing week shopping and exploring. I’ll share a bit in detail on another post the places we recommend, the crazy cool boutique hotel we stayed in, and where the BEST pizza (not just in New York – but in the world) is.

It was really important in New York and traveling via subway to dress comfortable. Layers were key because it was freezing outside, but inside places we went it was hot and you wanted to take off any bulky layers you had. I sported a giant black coat, white gloves, and a white scarf over this look. The wedge boot provided support and the ability to walk long distances. To shop this look, follow the link below this picture or click HERE.

Shop The Look

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