Texture and Clarity


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Well, I’m not going to lie… I haven’t had the easiest time lately trying to shoot this dress or any outfit for that matter… It has felt like pulling teeth because one thing after another has gone wrong. I’m sure you all could relate to those days where it seems like nothing is working out the way it’s supposed to and you just want to give up. It’s really hard to get out there and have someone take pictures of you when you’re just not feeling your best! Anyway, it’s been kind of funny. I absolutely love this dress and I’ll explain why down below. First, though, you have to know what a terrible time it’s been trying to shoot the look!

Okay, so… the first time I wore it I was so happy with it. I was thinking to myself that there’s no way this dress wouldn’t make for an interesting fashion blog topic. However, I was so happy about the dress that I wore it to an event before I took pictures in it. At the event, a stinkbug was crawling on the sleeve and it left an absolutely wretched smell. I hoped and prayed that smell would come out. The dress needed to be washed because the smell made me sick to my stomach, so I couldn’t shoot the look when I had planned. I got the smell out and was trying hard to wake up early one morning to shoot the dress. This is a few days after the stinkbug incident. I had cleaned and steamed the dress and was getting my makeup on. Well, as I was putting on my liquid foundation, I dropped the bottle, and makeup splattered ALL OVER the dress. Ladies, you know how difficult foundation is to get out of clothing. I started crying hysterically. My husband was so kind and encouraging. He even helped me with the endless scrubbing and spot treatment efforts when I was ready to give up. Eventually we got the dress washed and clean again (it was a miracle) and my husband helped shoot the outfit a couple days later.


So I want to tell you why I love this dress. The texture of it is unlike anything I have ever worn. It is such an interesting threaded and woven material that is almost like canvas, only softer. It does look like it would be scratchy, but it’s been pretty amazing. I’ve worn it a few times this summer, but the fabric would be even better in the fall because of how thick it is. I’m the girl that has to touch ever piece of clothing I look at in a store. The material feel really tells me a lot about how something’s going to fit, etc. I ordered this online from ASOS, and when I opened the package I almost screamed with excitement. It was more unique than I had imagined and the texture surprised me. I knew I was getting a fun asymmetric midi length dress with structured sleeves, but the material was extra icing on the interesting cake… lol.



All in all, this dress has not only been cool and I’ve received a few compliments for it, but I’ve been reminded of valuable lessons because of it. Setbacks happen often. That is the clear picture of reality. You can’t achieve anything if you quit because of setbacks. I didn’t deal with my setbacks on photographing this dress with grace and a good attitude. In fact, I wanted to give up. But my husband lovingly brought me some clarity and said, “You know what you should write about now.” This post was supposed to be all about texture in fashion, but instead I figured he was on to something.





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