It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, and I have been wanting for some time to fill you guys in on an important person in my life! I found this adorable, kind fellow on Instagram… of all places (it really is a cute story – ask me later)! His name is Nathan, and he is a sweet, hard-working, talented man who makes me smile. He is an incredible photographer among so many other impressive talents (see below). We had been talking for some time about doing a shoot together, and we were finally able to accomplish that in one of the coolest places I’ve been! We were in Las Vegas this past week visiting some of his family, and were able to escape before sunrise to capture some really cool moments. These were taken in the Valley of Fire. Definitely worth visiting if you’re ever out that way!

Some cool facts about Nathan: He is a part of a really amazing and talented band, The Kempters, and you can check them out here. He has also built a really cool business from the ground up, Kempter Kustoms, check that out as well!

nathanblog3nathanblog2nathanblog5Photo creds: Josh



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