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I used to believe that my wardrobe in the fall and winter had to be limited to drab, frumpy clothing. Maybe I felt like it was harder to be creative with my clothing choices when all I could think about was how cold I was? I’m not sure… But if you are anything like I was and seriously don’t know how to spice up your sweater game, this post is for you! I’ve curated sweaters below that each have a little extra “something.” Also, I’ve chosen to mix both warm and cool neutral tones with this fall look, featuring a warm-toned animal print sweater with a cool-toned tweed skirt! The links below are affiliate.

Lastly, if you live in the Huntsville area, there’s another statement piece you’ll have to visit rather than wear! Until October 28th, these adorable giant bunnies created by Amanda Parer of @ParerStudio will be featured in Big Spring Park as an installment by Arts Huntsville! If you visit at night, they glow so bright! You don’t want to miss this statement piece.

bunny 1


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