The Co-ord Set You Need For Fall

Hi all! I know where I live it’s been EXTREMELY hot outside still, but I wanted to create some fall vibes in hopes that the weather will change a little down here! I absolutely love a good coordinating set, and this one surprised me. It was in the Wild Fable section of Target, not even paired together. I stumbled upon the skirt and was like, “Oh, that’s adorable, I need a cute fall mini skirt” and two minutes later saw the jacket and was like… “Wait, why were you hiding from me?”

The set is an olive green corduroy (VERY SOFT THOUGH) feel. I adore the button down details of the mini skirt (and that it’s not TOO mini), the faux fur lining of the collar, and the fact that the jacket is CROPPED! I mean, it doesn’t get better than that for me. I also paired it with a suede peplum top from Greylin (fall 2016), a mustard yellow Aldo purse (They are sold out of this color, but at the end of this post I’ve linked the exact purse in a different color), and these sherpa covered boots from Urban Outfitters that I just about died when I saw last winter! I have linked similar items to these accessories at the bottom of the page! Go for a coord set this fall, and give some faux fur accessories and embellishments a try! May the fall outfits be ever in your favor.




Accessories (affiliate links)

aldopurse boot2 boot1

top1 top2



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