Boots With A Semi-Formal Look

Of course I’m always looking for ways to wear boots with ANYTHING and everything. I especially am loving the sock boots trend right now! They can easily be worn under a pair of jeans, or shown off with a button front mini skirt or a midi dress! Today I chose to pair these adorable and comfortable sparkly sock boots with a cocktail dress. It’s homecoming season for a lot of you ladies, and I’ve linked this very dress at the end of this post from Rent The Runway! (affiliate link)

Here are just a few tips I’ve picked up for rocking boots with a dress:

Curves are everything

You want to make sure the boots are flattering to the natural curves and lines of your legs! For example, I absolutely love how these sock boots land a few inches above my ankles. If they were a couple inches taller or an inch shorter, it wouldn’t do my legs as much justice, ya know? For a medium height boot, you want it to land just below your calf, etc. Check yo curves!


Pay attention to the fit of the dress before choosing a boot

If you’re wearing a more fitted or body-con style, stay away from the chunky shorter boots!!! A wider-opening around the top of the boot is going to add a sort of weighty presence that brings the eyes down to the shoes and would not provide the balance you need if you are trying to show off that hour-glass figure.

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Make your legs look longer by adding a tight

If you don’t have long legs naturally, boots can easily cut the length of your legs and make you look even shorter when paired with a dress. Try a pair of tights that are the same color as your boots!


Just have fun and experiment ladies! Cocktail dresses don’t have to always be worn with a sandaled heel or pumps, try a boot next time!

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