A PURRfect Day

I am overly excited to share with you this post today! I absolutely adore cats, and I wanted to highlight an especially awesome place that is doing a great work for homeless felines. I spent last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, with my friend and fellow cat-lover, Katie. When planning what we might do for the weekend, she comes back with this idea to visit a brand new cat cafe that opened in Louisville! My initial thoughts were… “What on earth is a cat cafe?” and “Could my two favorite things in life really go together? Fluff balls and coffee???” The answer to that is YES! I still didn’t 100% know what to expect until I got there, but I want to share with you all that I know about this amazing place, “Purrfect Day Cat Cafe.”

The Time Slot

Katie prepared by booking a time online for us to be able to go! You get 50 minutes to spend time playing and connecting or just holding the adorable creatures (which leaves ten minutes every hour for the cats to chill or play or unwind sans humans)! You want to get there early so that you can spend time in the cafe outside of the room where the cats reside and get refreshments that you can take into the cat wonderland with you!

Before going inside, you sanitize your hands to help keep these wonderful animals from getting all your germs! Once inside, there are numerous cozy seating areas for the humans – or do like we did and get down on all fours to play with the cats! It’s so amazing how each of them displayed their adorable personalities as they interact with humans and other cats, which leads me to my biggest excitement: all the cats are available for adoption!!!


A Great Service

Not only can your day be brightened immensely by spending time playing with cats and drinking coffee, but these animals were all taken in from the Kentucky Humane Society! From the moment they arrive at Purrfect Day, they are at home in a free range (not caged) environment where they are able to socialize to make the transition into their new home much easier! What a wonderful concept! These animals will be at home at Purrfect Day until they are adopted, they are not sent back to the Humane Society or “disposed of.” What an awesome thing!

You can be sure that your cat you adopt has the right temperament and personality because you get to interact with them, see other humans interact with them, and see how well they socialize with other cats! These really are revolutionary ideas to me, and I’m wondering now why there aren’t cat cafes EVERYWHERE! If you’re ever in the Louisville area, check this place out! They’re also on instagram @purrfectdayky and their posts will make you smile. Just to disclose, this is NOT an affiliate link or even an affiliate blog post. I really just love and am amazed at what this place is doing, and had an incredible time there! Thanks for reading if you got this far, maybe you all can start a cat cafe where you live? LOL, really though, spread the joy.




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