Asymmetric Design, Beautiful Lines

My eye has always been attracted to asymmetric designs when it comes to fashion. So naturally, when I ran across this dress online, I HAD to have it. The cut of it has so many details that it proudly boasts of an adventure with every turn and profile. This dress, though, represents a little more for me than just a fun design. I purchased it as a benchmark, if you will, to remind me of all the things the Lord has shown me lately.

I have come to realize over the last year or so that I am constantly surrounded by the broken, the deconstructed, the unbalanced, the “asymmetric”. (Disclaimer: This may not be the post you ladies are looking for, so just scroll to the bottom if you want the link to this dress.) I have for some time felt the weight of the lives of people around me, whom I dearly love, struggling to piece themselves together again. I have seen the expectations of this world weigh heavily on friends, and I have felt the pain of hopeless days with them. I suspect, too, that there are a lot more around me who try to mask their daily struggles and who don’t let anyone in. Regardless, what I have known to be true for years has become even more true through this time of seeing lives around me in a state of deconstruction. There is only one true Hope. There is only One who will be able to see you through the darkest days. Christ made a way for us when there was no way apart from living a perfect life. He came to give life to dry bones, to mend the broken, to heal the unbalanced, to offer true salvation.

That brings me to what this dress represents for me. Because of Christ, God doesn’t look at me and see the asymmetry. My brokenness and imperfections are covered by the blood of Christ, and because of that I am able to stand faultless before the throne of God, clothed in righteousness. It’s the good stuff. I have found where there is imperfection, there is grace. This dress is not perfectly balanced. In fact, it has a lot of crazy going on. Despite that, it is beautiful to me, and I know in a small and weird way that’s how God sees me. I also know that same love and grace has been demonstrated in the lives of those around me as I’ve shared their struggles. How incredibly humbling it is to be able to see something imperfect and unbalanced, and yet to be able to share the beauty in it. That is exactly what I see and remember when I wear this floral midi, and I have overwhelming gratitude for the One who creates all things good and beautiful.





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