I know Mother’s Day was yesterday, but I was very sick so I’m posting this a day late! I wanted to talk about my mom, Teresa, and how she has been incredibly influential in my life and shaping me into the woman I am today. I’m blessed to have her, and my sister would say the exact same thing!

Super Impersonations

This woman, first of all, knows how to laugh. No matter how hard the circumstances are for her, she knows how to find joy in the little things. Also, she’s very good at impersonating people, and especially animals. Her “chicken” face is the best of all, you’d just have to see it to know. I think my dramatic side definitely stems from these hilarious mimics that I’ve seen my whole life.


Super Resourceful

My mom knows how to sew, cook, garden, raise cattle, teach, sing, paint, craft, just anything you can think of. She grows her own vegetables, makes her own (really awesome) natural lotion, makes fun tops and dresses from scratch, and never wastes anything. Even bacon grease from the pan on a Saturday morning goes to her garden to enrich the soil. I can’t say I’m up to par with this resourcefulness, but at least she’s setting a great example there!


Super Kind

If there’s anything I know about my mom, it’s that she puts everyone before herself. And not only that, she never complains about it. She is always the first to offer up help to someone in need, and goes out of her way to make someone’s day. She loves to bake rolls or sweets and take them to the neighbors just because. You’ll find her working from sun-up to sun-down, not having an inch of time to sit down unless it’s to eat, and never once complaining.

Super Faith

My mom never stops praying. Her faith, along with my father’s has been so influential in my own walk with Christ. Just seeing their faithfulness modeled for me in every season has taught me so much. Never blaming God for the things that go wrong, and always the first to praise Him when things are good.


This only scratches the surface as to why I’m grateful to have my mother in my life. She truly is an example of what any young lady should aspire to be. Strong, confident, funny, kind, and not to mention looking really amazing for her age! I love my mom, and I just had to brag on her a bit, because she’s so humble that no one would ever know the extent of what she does for others.



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