My Style Defined


Something that I’ve always found to be pretty easy is expressing myself through the clothing I wear. I think from an early age I knew that you could show people what you wanted them to see by the first impression of you – your personal style. Despite endless phases and trends that I’ve gone through (yes, even punk and goth), my personality would always shine through to make an outfit completely me. I would describe my style is being a little eclectic (which totally goes along with my creative brain) mixed with a very feminine style (lace or embellishments, and the cut of things accentuating all of the good stuff).

 So How Do I Choose Pieces?

When shopping, I always look for something that speaks to who I am. Most of the time, it sparkles or shines! Bold colors are my favorite, and I’m not afraid to try something new or striking. To balance that, I am usually attracted to black clothing. Yes, it IS slimming, but it is also VERY versatile. It will allow me to wear any crazy print with it or colorful shoe, or statement piece. Black pieces in my closet are the building blocks that form the structure of my little fashion house. What fills the rooms, you ask? Well, shoes of course. I think just as important to me as something that stands out, is how it will fit me. I can pretty easily look at a silhouette of something and know whether it would be flattering to my shape or not. That’s where a dose of femininity meets my eclectic taste. Ruffles in the right place, waistlines that are flattering, etc.

Where I Draw The Line

Even though I love bold pieces, there is definitely a line for me. I try to stray far away from neon colors, as those can very easily look cheap. (Unless it’s work-out gear.) I also draw the line when it comes to something that might be too revealing. I’d rather the skirt be a little longer and be confident than have to constantly worry about it riding up or being too short. If something is not fun or I don’t feel great in it, I don’t care how trendy or classic of a garment it is, I will not buy it. Reason why? It’s just not me, and deep down I feel like I would be deceiving people about who I am. Lastly, I usually like to just wear one unique, eye-catching thing at a time. I will normally balance those with neutrals or complimentary pieces that don’t steal the spotlight from my shoes, for instance.

Stores That Make Up My Wardrobe

Here are the top ones in volume of pieces:

Elitaire Boutique (shop small!!!), H&M, Target, Zara, Asos

Stores that also speak to my style:

Topshop, Anthropologie, Mango, and River Island

What Does It Say About Me?

I think, first of all, you have to know that I like to test my own boundaries when it comes to outfit choices. I’m a creative, a musician, and an artist who cannot draw worth a flip. So a splash of color or a pair of studded heels paints a picture of what I can’t always express with words. I would hope that the way I dress invites people to want to get to know me. Clothing can be a great conversation starter, and a connection to a new friend! Comment below what your personal style is, you never know – it could be the start of a great new friendship.

Published by bootsandkitties

Musician and avid fashion enthusiast from Huntsville, Alabama.

3 thoughts on “My Style Defined

  1. Interesting read! I love the way you’ve broken it down into sections making it completely obvious where you’re coming from. I’m someone who loves monochrome so it’s be good to follow your example and be more bold

  2. I like how you’re not afraid to go bold with your colour choice! I personally opt for vintage styles as they suit my body shape and make me feel feminine and confident.

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