Blogging Behind The Scenes

I wanted to let you all in on how I shoot my pictures/edit/and the equipment I use. Sooo… most bloggers have someone that can take their pictures, or they hire someone if they’re successful enough. I, however, have neither of those!  And even though it’s a little more difficult, I think my system works pretty well for my needs. Let’s get down to it!

How I Take My Pictures:

I use a tripod and remote that works with my camera! This can look super funny if you’re out in public, and I’ve definitely gotten a lot of curious stares. 🙂 For this method, you’ve got to be fearless and friendly (because people will try to talk to you). The other thing you could do is scout out a quiet location with no traffic (good luck).

Equipment That I Use:

I got everything on Amazon! Each picture below will link you to the exact item. (This is not an ad, just helping you find what worked for me!)

Nikon D3400
Manfrotto Tripod
Wireless Remote


Photo Editing Process:

Not gonna lie, this is my favorite part, although it can be so tedious. I definitely do not have it mastered yet, because I’m still trying to find the tones that work for my photos, as well as what cohesive scheme I want to stick with. That being said, Lightroom is the greatest tool for general photo editing! I always start with it, then I move my photos over to Photoshop for more specific editing. But that way, at least all the photos from a certain shoot that I’ve done will have the same baseline edits. You can get the Lightroom app on your phone for free! This is so awesome! Some of the features are limited because it is the free version, but I STRONGLY encourage you to get this app if you’re setting out to doctor some pics. 


Lastly, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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