How To Wear Your Boots Into Spring

Don’t want to part with your favorite boots just yet? The good news is there are ways to wear them into spring! I love boots about as much as I love my cat, and I try to stretch out the boots season as much as humanly possible for myself. BOOOOOTSSSSS! Here are some options:

1. White Statement Boots

White is THE boot trend carrying over from winter looks. White boots look AMAZING with a printed or striped skirt, a floral mid length dress, or pair them with your favorite jumpsuit like I did below! I chose to wear the white boots as a statement color. These are on sale here currently in limited sizes (if you’re in-between you are going to want to size down on these, they’re pretty roomy). Yes, white can make a statement just like a bold red can! No sense in trying to get your white boots to blend in with your outfit, let them be the focal point!

white boots

2. Over the Knee With a Skirt

Okay, it’s not hot enough where I live yet to pack away my OTK boots. Yay! But how to style them for spring? These fall/winter style boots can be worn with a fun embroidered mini skirt, or a skirt that falls above the knee. If you have the legs for it (I definitely don’t, but girl if ya got it!), wear those OTK boots proudly with a pair of jean shorts and a floral kimono duster (I’ve linked one here). Overall, be sure that your top says spring since your OTK boots don’t!


3. Don’t Wear Your Uggs or Furry Boots

They do not say spring, no matter how you style them. End of story. No boots with faux fur if it is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above. 45 degrees is even pushing it. That’s my rule anyway… Safe bet, just don’t wear faux fur boots after February. Backless furry loafers and fur-accented sandals for spring are a different story – totally do it!

4. Ankle Booties With Your Cropped Jeans

Ankle boots are easily transitional. Wear them with a pair of shorts, or your fav cropped jeans! Just have fun!



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