The Very First Outfit

Ever wondered how clothes got their start? Who designed the very first body covering? What was it even made out of? Clothing is such a necessary part of our lives. For some, it is very practical, simple, and utilitarian. For others, it’s an outlet of creative expression. Outfits have the ability to temporarily change how you feel about yourself, add confidence, or help you to become something you might want to be (like actors, or sports fans). I want to share with you the origin of clothing, and I hope this post changes your perception of the things we wear everyday.

A History Lesson

Let’s rewind the clock a few thousand years. The earth was a beautiful paradise, the two living people were naked and beautiful, and everything was as it should be. Fast forward a little: Adam and Eve decide to disobey God by eating fruit that was forbidden to them. Immediately after their disobedience, they realize that they are naked. Why did they not realize this before? Why did this act of disobedience lead them to think they they should try to cover and hide theirselves? You see, we are all prone to make mistakes, mess up, and do things that we shouldn’t. None of us are perfect. When we mess up, it’s in our nature to try and hide our mistakes because we’re ashamed. Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with fig leaves. Ha! Sounds breezy.

The Original Designer

Now to the beautiful part of the story. After Adam and Eve suffered the consequences of their disobedience, God clothed them personally. He fashions them garments out of the skins of an animal that was slain. (Foreshadowing!) Even though humans were designed originally to be pure and unclothed, God covers them so that they are not ashamed. What a beautiful picture of Grace.

So What Does This Mean Anyway

Our clothing is both a symbol of our guilt and imperfections, as well as a symbol of our redemption. See, God never intended for us to need clothing. But He still uses it to show us His mercy and provision. He covers us. And that is exactly what Christ does for all who believe in Him. He covers our sin and shame with His blood that He shed for us.


So next time you’re getting dressed and ready to go, remember that we need covering. Not just for our bodies, but for our souls. And we don’t have to work to cover ourselves! That work has been done for us, just like the work God did to clothe Adam and Eve.


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Musician and avid fashion enthusiast from Huntsville, Alabama.

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