Not Matte About It

I’m talking lip-wear today and I’m SOOO not MATTE about it! I absolutely cannot live my life without liquid matte color. I would say I made the transition from boring, regular lipstick to matte over a year ago after discovering Colourpop. Here are some tips to use and colors to try when starting off on your MATTE adventure (okay, I’ll stop now).

Prep-Work (Important):

Make sure to MOISTURIZE your lips hardcore during the nights. I suggest a great lip mask like Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask. I use this stuff almost every night, and it lasts forever because you only need a teensy bit. (PS – I waited for it to go on sale around Christmas)


  1. Start with smooth lips (you know what I mean, ladies). If there’s dead skin, it’s going to make your matte uneven and cakey-looking. This means you may want to use a sugar lip scrub in the morning. If you don’t have that and don’t care to buy a lip scrub, here’s my life hack: Use a toothbrush on your lips. Make sure it’s just a little damp, and brush in soft circular motions until you’ve gotten rid of the dead skin. Ta-da!
  2. Depending on your matte lip formula, use a primer. Not all lip primers are created equal, especially when it comes to what you wear underneath a liquid lip color. I personally love Colourpop’s Lippie Primer, and it’s SO cheap! A lot of times, honestly, I go without primer though. The primer’s main responsibilities are to keep your lips protected from intense drying out, and also to keep your color from smudging. But if you buy a high-end matte, it already does those things!
  3. This next step is also pretty optional to me: Use a lip liner. See, most of the time I’m just plain lazy. Or I don’t have handy a lip liner that’s the right color. But I’m a great artist with the liquid brushes, so I feel good about my boundaries. If you are concerned about not getting clean lines, then DEFINITELY use a lip liner first! 🙂
  4. Time to apply!!! This part can be a little tricky, depending on how fast your formula dries. You don’t want to use too little of the color, otherwise it will immediately feel very dry on your lips. You also don’t want to coat it on super-thick because it will get everywhere! Also note: matte lipstick is not supposed to move around. So when you rub your lips together like you would with a normal lipstick, it’s not going to fill those gaps and even out. So make sure to cover every area evenly, even going a little towards the inside of your mouth.

MATTE post 2

My Brand and Color Suggestions:

1. Ciate London’s Liquid Velvet
This brand is expensive, but literally feels soft like velvet on your lips. It lasts for me anywhere from 4-6 hours. Not too bad.

For Light to Medium Skin Tones: Pin Up is a beautiful subtle berry

For Medium to Dark Skin Tones: Diva or Voodoo are both striking reds

2. Colourpop’s Ultra Matte
This Indie makeup brand has taken off in the last year, winning lots of beauty awards. Because of all the attention they’ve received, their prices have gone up a little, but it’s still SO AFFORDABLE. And GREAT liquid matte colors. Make SURE you pick from the Ultra Matte Lip section. They have so many different categories, but this is the one you want to pick from, trust me. Their colors last 6-9 hours!!!! I know because I’ve tested them!

For Light Skin Tones: Aquarius 2 (This one is almost a natural color. PERFECT if you’re going Matte for the first time)

For Medium Skin Tones: Lightweight

For Dark Skin Tones: Star Crossed

3. Sephora’s Rouge Matte Lipstick
If you are wary of the liquid mattes, Sephora has a small collection of solid matte lipstick. I personally own two colors (Rebel Chic and a deeper purple that they’ve discontinued). This lipstick feels so soft when applying, because it’s not creamy or shiny. It really feels weightless with intense pigment.

I really hope this helps you adventure into a world of transfer-proof colors! Be bold, or stay neutral. Regardless, there is a matte color for you!

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