New Music Picks

Okay, I love sharing my music picks with people. The three I’m writing about today, in my opinion, are post-worthy. Two come with great messages, and one is just an incredible artist collaboration. Ready for some new music??!

Disconnect” by Clean Bandit, Marina and the Diamonds

This song talks about what we ALL should do regularly. Disconnect from social media and social pressures. It’s healthy to back away, especially when social media starts to affect our view of self.LRM_EXPORT_20180219_090945

So Far Away – CMC$ Remix” by Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Jamie Scott, Romy Dya, CMC$

This specific remix is my favorite one. There are 2 VOLUMES of this song, you guys. So many fun remixes to listen to.LRM_EXPORT_20180219_091058

“You Go Before Me” by Intensifire

Their whole album, “Love + Mercy” is good. This song is my favorite pick. It talks about the sovereignty of God, and it’s a great comfort if you are walking through uncertainties. LRM_EXPORT_20180219_090825


So there are my picks for the day. Go look these up on Spotify!!!


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