My Creative Life Struggles

There are always personal goals and ambitions swimming around in this head of mine. It can mean something exciting or weird or different is going to come bubbling out eventually. But today, I’d like you to #meetmystruggles. Sometimes my unorganized mind can be such a hindrance in my day-to-day life.

Struggle 1: I can’t work on just one thing at a time.

When I get motivated to work on one thing, such as writing a song… Another part in me is awakened to use that motivation for something else. Like beating Super Mario Bros or attempting the perfect red lip. Sometimes I end up doing nothing because my brain is wanting to do ALL THE THINGS!

Struggle 2: I can’t keep a clean apartment.

It’s not that I don’t want a beautiful, sparkling space. It’s just that my time is better spent listening to new music or catching up on a good Netflix series, or learning how to style extensions. After all, these things are important, right?

Struggle 3: Being outgoing.

I like people, and I like meeting people, and I enjoy hanging out with people! But I recharge best when I’m alone. I dream best when I have had time alone. I am more motivated to take on new things when I’ve had a day or two to myself. Mental exhaustion for me comes when I haven’t spent time alone.

Struggle 4: Nothing is ever as awesome as it is when I’m dreaming it up.

I have creative ideas, but when executed, they’re almost never like I plan them! They come out totally different, and more times than not… TOTAL FAILS! hahahaha What can ya do?

I’m sharing these, not because I’m down on myself, but because I want people to understand that beautiful gifts come with imperfections. There are no perfect people in this world – even when Instagram wants you to believe otherwise. God has given me so many talents and gifts, and they are SUCH a blessing. However, there is only ONE perfect person to ever have lived. And let me tell you – His creative mind is unlimited with NO FAILS.

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