How To Get Ready When You’re Running Late

There are a couple of tricks I’ve learned over the last few years because adulting is hard. Let’s be real. Not only is getting up early to go to work increasingly more difficult than it used to be, but wanting to look nice as well is… #extra. I wanted to share a few tips that I use to get out of the house with minimal effort!

Opt For a Bold Lip and Simple Eye

This is a no-brainer for me. Forget the eye shadow and liner, and create a natural look with just mascara. To balance that, a colorful matte lip is a way to look just as put together, with minimal time invested. My favorite color that lasts for hours is Ciate London’s “Pin Up”. Looks great on just about everyone too!

Have a Few Go-To Dresses

It’s no secret that wearing a dress saves more time than picking out a coordinating top and bottom. ADDED BENEFIT: You end up looking like you spent more time getting ready! On some mornings that I’ve spent 10 minutes total getting out the door, I’ve had people ask why I was dressed so nice. Hahahaha! If they only knew!

Don’t Run Out of Your Favorite Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a life-saver. LIFE – SAVER. My favorite one is pictured below.


Batiste Dry Shampoo – Brilliant Blonde

Next time you hit snooze a few extra times, don’t sweat. Grab your dress and lipstick and go!


Published by bootsandkitties

Musician and avid fashion enthusiast from Huntsville, Alabama.

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