4 Stylish Tips for Colder Days

Cold weather isn’t just miserable because it causes your skin to feel like shriveled-up leather, it is just hard to feel confident and beautiful when bundled up like a marshmallow. Here are some tips I use to help dress for those below-freezing days! Brrrrrr.

1. Plan ahead of time

This has multiple implications. The first is that I’ve learned to plan for cold weather while the days of fall are still mild and transitional. This season I bought a ruffled sweater from Zara while it was still sunny and 75 in Alabama. I hung it up for a month or so, just waiting for the day I’d be able to wear it. It builds expectation for the cold weather that I loathe so much! (See sweater below). The other part is planning your outfit the night before. On cold mornings it’s much harder to peel yourself out from those cozy covers just to spend the time you need to look put-together. If you choose your outfit the night before, you’ll be much more clear-headed in making stylish decisions that will keep you warm. DSC_0156 1

2. Wear (warm) statement boots

A pop of color or some over-the-knee boots are going to instantly take your drab winter outfit to a dressier level. You know the phrase, “dress from the shoes up.” It really will change your look!

3. A faux fur scarf

Honestly I was hesitant about this trend this season, but I bought this scarf from Target. I really thought I’d never wear this, but once the below-freezing weather hit, this scarf became my FAVORITE piece. Plus, I’ve gotten so many compliments from it! Artboard 1

4. Don’t neglect your hair or skin

Believe it or not, lazy hair days are not for the winter months! There’s nothing worse than feeling warm in your knits, but self-conscious about your dried-out or greasy pony tail. You just end up feeling lazy and sense that others can see that as well. But freshly styled hair with moisturized skin will boost that feeling of normalcy no matter what bulky knit sweater you’re wearing. It goes a long way to pulling that winter outfit together effortlessly.

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Musician and avid fashion enthusiast from Huntsville, Alabama.

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