Time Flies When You’re Singing

As a musician, I have always had that understanding in the back of my conscience that my time is dated. Relevant is always in. At the speed things change with my generation and below, a song from a year ago is ancient. New, fresh. Fresh, hip. That’s all anyone wants. To be on top of the game one must continually work against becoming dated.

Sounds depressing if you focus on it too long, but in reality it’s exciting. It’s a challenge. I’m in my twenties and quickly realizing, now that I’ve got a solid knowledge of music and how to use my talent, time is ticking. So even though my dreams today aren’t near as big as they were when I was growing up, I still aspire to take my music to the next level. So here I am in front of all you fellow bloggers, and I’m going to list my “relevant” goals:

1.  Continue to teach myself chords on the piano.

2. Buy a new guitar. (Martin or Taylor?)

3. Start writing songs again. (I can never finish one… too picky)

4. Lose weight. (youthfulness is important)

5. Book local gigs. (Honestly this one is hard)

6. Ask God to allow me to run on very little sleep. There’s never enough time in the day for all the music I need to fit in it. (JK – I love sleep!)

7. And finally, record a self-titled album.

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