Happens Every Time

So we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. That feeling you get when a cute guy looks your way. As soon as you discover that he’s gazing in your direction you quickly look down, try to suppress a goofy smile, and pretend like you are engrossed in something other than the thought of how adorable he is in those glasses. You instantly become conscious of your figure and  how to position your hair that shows your best facial profile from his point of view. Seems like the beginning of a fairy tale romance, right?


The reality is for weeks to come you wonder why it’s so blame hard to have a conversation with him. All you can manage in passing is a weak “hey” or “what’s up?” UGH. You do a little facebook stalking, find out that he’s even more awesome than you previously thought. Still nothing.

This is what makes life so hard for me. I’m an actress, an artist. I can read people like the stickers on the back of a guitar case……….   EXCEPT when I am even slightly interested in someone. They instantly become this huge mysterious puzzle that I can’t solve. It doesn’t help that I’m a hopeless romantic who believes the greatest thing in all the world is just to love and be loved in return.  So, I will do the easier thing and just move on.

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