The Sweet Tea Conundrum

So if there is one thing that I simply cannot resist, it is sweet tea. Born and raised a southern girl, you would think that I’ve been drinking the beverage my entire life. However, I thought that I hated the substance until about a year ago. It was the only option to drink at a supper table at my friend’s grandmother’s house. I had to be polite. I thought to myself, I can stand to drink it for just one meal. And that was the day that my eyes were opened. Her grandmother made the most delicious sweet tea to ever have graced my palette. I had to ask for a refill. From that day on, I considered myself an avid sweet tea drinker. With deliciousness also comes consequence.

Recently I was diagnosed with LPR reflux. The number one thing I am supposed to cut from my diet is caffeine. Rewind to about 2 years ago, that would have been perfectly doable. But now… sorry mister doctor… you are going to have pry the Bojangles large tea out of my cold dead hand.

Okay so I hate how sick I get when I drink sweet tea, but honestly when I have a craving… I DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. It’s a love-love situation. Which is why sweet tea is not so sweet to me. And why it’s side effects will haunt me to the grave.

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